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Guard Dogs Security Service

Once people realised they could train dogs, one of their canines’ first uses was to protect personnel and property. Today household dogs can provide a measure of security to home owners, but highly trained dogs are useful for multiple tasks.

We use guard dogs to protect industrial sites, these animals are intelligent, brave and tough and a scary sight for would-be intruders. We use a range of dogs, primarily Rottweilers and German Shepherds to provide a security service that is a deterrent to would be intruders.

Our specially constructed on-site dog compounds with a quick release mechanism will ensure dogs can start patrolling as soon as the staff has left the premises

If you only require a dog for the night, we will drop off in the evening and pick up in the morning.

Guard dogs for hire

  • We put a dog into your place at night.
  • Pick them up in the morning
  • Custom hours available

Guard Dog security service:

  • We train our own dogs for security work
  • Provide kennels during the dogs’ non-working hours

Guard Dog van security service:

  • Custom built trailer for humane dog transport
  • Reliable service