ServicesCash in Transit Security Services in Perth

Cash in Transit Security Services in Perth

Guardian Security 24/7 safely transports cash for many large and small businesses. We provide a reliable cash pick up and drop off security service. Providing a secure physical cash transfer security service offers one of the safest methods with the least risk, of moving cash without exposing staff members to danger.

Our cash in transit security service will make your place of business a less attractive target for criminals by removing excess cash and limiting your exposure to internal and external theft. We provide a discreet collection and banking service for small to medium sized businesses.

In addition, we provide safe transport of cash, EFTPOS and cheque transactions, and a secure cash escort security service. It does not matter if it is a corporate, industrial, recreational, or for the educational or private sector, we will arrange a secure security service and cash escort to your nominated financial institution.

If you have documents, valuables or any other sensitive data or documents that you are not willing to trust with couriers, but don’t have the available staff resources to hand deliver, then we have the perfect security service for you. All pickups and deliveries are covered by insurance for the full amount being transferred.

Guardian Security 24/7 is a professional security service organisation that has set high standards to provide excellent unequivocal excellent security service to our clients in every thing we do. This ensures that we can provide our clients with licensed, highly trained Security Guards that take great pride and responsibility in their work and are wholly committed to our clients’ security needs.