ServicesBody Guards Security Service in Perth

Body Guards Security Service in Perth

Guardian Security 24/7 employs a range of professional body guards to provide personal security service to high profile clients and those who live with the risk of attack or kidnap.

We offer a full bodyguard security service for people arriving in Perth and those flying domestically or travelling abroad.

All bodyguards are carefully selected, these are people with the right attitude and the correct character traits and skills suitable for this type of work. Our close personal protection staff are expertly trained in multiple areas, resulting in tough and smart guards who are alert and can think on their feet, and use whatever force necessary to protect our clients.

Bodyguards are required to be in good physical shape, have very good attention to detail and be able to negotiate if necessary, but also act quickly and decisively if need be. They require good reflexes, exceptional situational awareness, medical skills, negotiating skills and be able to handle a variety of vehicles.

Our bodyguards often need to travel overseas, so a good knowledge of local customs is always a plus, and some basic language skills of the destination is critical. They need to be able to blend in on occasions, without interfering at all, silent but vigilant is their modus operandi.

Having all the skills and experiences is not always enough, our bodyguards act and behave in a thoroughly professional manner, putting the safety of our clients before anything else.